An award-winning photographer based in Arad, Romania, Raul Kling runs Kling Studio and has proven to be an accomplished artist who presents his work in a unique and professional manner.
In his comparatively young career, Raul has worked on a number of photographic projects that include people, products and food, for local and international businesses. Whether on location or at his studio, his ardent flare for beauty and attention to detail have produced high quality images.
Raul has a passion for food and a desire to present, through artistic imagery, the essence of a chef's idea of a perfect meal. And although he knows he will not attain perfection, he is driven toward that goal and strives to achieve it!
His clients include the Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, Jurgen Schlosser Armaturen, Burri Restaurant, DarimexMilleperline and more.
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